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Ventura Health Sciences Corporation (Ventura HSC) is a Canadian company whose Executive consists of doctors who work in concert with physiologists and food scientists to formulate functional dietary supplements and skin care products.  In broad terms, all things that conserve or improve upon the integrity of the human eye, the central nervous system or physiological systems comprised of epithelial cells, such as the skin or linings of the GI tract, are germane to the interests of Ventura HSC.  Historically, dietetics have centered upon tissue damage resulting from oxidation and inflammation.  Today’s investigations of Ventura HSC center upon more critical topics such as enhanced mitochondrial activity, intracellular repair and stem cell activation.

Ventura HSC is a sister company of Ocumetics Technology Corporation, developer of the Bionic Lens, a novel intraocular lens with a potential to eliminate the need for corrective lenses for people of all ages.  Ocumetics’ lens technologies are the result of over fourteen years of development providing a highly versatile biotech platform to enhance visual performance and to interface the human visual system with a myriad of complementary life-changing bio-technologies.  Visit Ocumetics at; www.ocumetics.com.

In January 2022, Ventura HSC was designated as Executor of the Celebration of Sight Initiative, placing up to 30% of the dividends anticipated through Bionic Lens sales under its direction.  

As Executor, Ventura HSC will administer funding in accordance the three stated priorities listed on the Celebration of Sight website, www.celebrationofsight.com.   

Accordingly, the Mission Statement for Ventura HSC is twofold.  First, to continue upon its journey to develop effective nutritional supplements for optimal wellness.  Second, to maximize the value position of an interdependent community of consumers, environmental groups and accredited suppliers of goods and services.

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